Damavand 1st Camp Polur

Damavand first mountain camp is called Polur. Polour resort is located in Polur Village at 2200 masl height and is the best starting point for trekking and ski touring to Damavand from the south route or the west face. Polur complex mountain resort is a shortcut to the Damawand peak and is a suitable place for acclimatization and accommodation in the area. Polour Hut is made by Mountain Climbing Federation of Iran (also called Iran Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation) and it is administered by the same organization.

Damavand 1st Camp Polur
Damavand 1st Camp Polur

Damavand South Route Campsites - Camp 1 Polour Resort for Hiking &amp. Mountain Climbing Federation of Iran campsites. Camp One Polour Hut. Damavand South Route, First Camp, Polour Resort, Hiking Tour. Damavand first campsite. Trekking tours to Alborz and Zagros Mountains. Experienced Iran mountain guides. Iran sightseeing ecosystem and outdoor tourism activities and tour organizer. Damavand trekking, climbing and ski touring. Damavand Forecast Climbing and Ski Adventure Tours. Digital photography Tehran, picture album, photo gallery, video clips. Damavand Photo.GoogleEarth route and trail map and satellite image.

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Mount Damavand Location

Volcano Damavand is standing 80 Km  North East of the Tehran. It is located in the middle of Alborz Mountain Range on the south coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran. Damavand is midway the Haraz main Road between the Tehran and Amol city.
Coordinates and the GPS landmark of Damavand Summit:
Latitude 35-57-19 N
Longitude 52-06-37 E

Mount Damavand Map
Mount Damavand Map
Ski expedition tour to Iran ski resorts in Alborz Mountains. Adventure hiking holiday wallpaper and photo. Damavand south route GPS landmarks and waypoints. Trekking, climbing, ski and snowboard tours.  Demawand South face GPS tracks and satellite image. Damavand Forum, Source of information for climbing Damawand and Iran mountains. Mountain handheld gps receivers. Adventure hiking holiday wallpaper and photo. Persian cultural tour video. High quality wallpaper Iran skitouring. Damavend Map. Low budget tour to Damawand Iran.

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Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand is ranked as the Highest Volcano in Asia. Also it is the highest peak in Iran and the Middle-East. Due to its great height climbing Damavand is a great experience. Trekking this giant volcano with a group of climbers from around the world is a great experience. Before experimenting this volcano it is essential to learn all the necessary information about this prominent mountain in Iran. You can find the best source of information in English about Damavand Mountain in Iran for hiking & trekking mountaineering, snowboarding and ski touring in Damavand Info.

Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
Trekking Mount Damavand Iran
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Mount Damavand in Winter

In winter season snow covers Damavand and the summit is snow-capped several months a year. But  in spring and autumn only the upper parts are white. Ice and snow remain on Damavand Glaciers on the north face all the year. This magnificent mountain is an excellent symmetrical cone volcano with a narrow summit. It looks like Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) in Japan. Damavand Mountain is located about 80 kilometers driving distance north-east of Tehran in the northern Persian plateau. This giant white summit and its beautiful cloud cap are the most fascinating sight of Iran mountains.

Damavand Mountain in Winter, View from Polour Village
Damavand Mountain in Winter,
View from Haraz Road, Polour Village
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Winter alert for winter climb, ski tour, snowboard and snowshoes Iran. Damawand Winter Sport Activity. Damavand Winter Climb and Skitour. Wild Ski and Snowboard Adventure Tour. Skitouring to Ski Resorts in Alborz Iran. Visit also Damavand Forum. Damavand winter weather warning and alerts. Iran travel guided winter sport adventure and trekking tours. Damavand Photo. Tehran outdoor activity. Damavand warning for winter sport activities. Alpine skitouring. Ski touring Iran.

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Trekking Damavand in Summer Season

15th June to 15th September is the best time to Trek Damavand. In this summer climbing season the south route ridge is usually free of snow, the weather forecast is generally fair and climbers can go by cars as far as Damavand BaseCamp, (also called Goosfand-Sara or Mosque).

Mountaineers with ordinary trekking skills are recommended to trek Damavand Mountain only in this season. Remember in summer during Iranian weekends and holidays Damavand resorts are crowded. Best starting day is Saturday. Avoid travelling to the are in Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday). Visit also Damavand Weather.

Damavand South Route Ridge
Damavand South Route Ridge
Mid June Beginning of  Damavand Trekking Season

Best season to ascend Damawand Iran. Timing and the most favorite climbing season. Damavand best climbing season and timing for trekking expedition tours. Iran cultural and historical tours. When the footpaths are free of snow and the weather is relatively mild. Persia travel tour organizer and tour operator based in Tehran.  Visit also Damavand VIP Tour. Damavand Best Time, Demawand Season, no footpath snow, mild weather. Image Album of Mountaineering in Persia. Pictures of adventure trekking and Ski touring. Demavand Map. Low budget tour to damavend iran. Trekking and Climbing Damavand Mountain in Iran. Persian cultural and historic guide. Outdoor recreation activity. Mountain zones and the mountaineering communities. Iran Climbing and Skitouring. Alpine style climbing tour to Alborz and Zagros Mountains. Iran mountain bike and adventure biking tour.

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Damavand Info

Volcano Damavand is the Highest Volcano in Asia. This enormous mountain is standing in the center of Alborz Range on the south of the Caspian Sea and is surrounded by many handsome mountains, valleys and forests. The height of  Damavand Volcano is 5,671 masl and it is the highest peak in the middle-east and the 2nd highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.

Best Source of Information for Mt Damavand Iran
Recommended by Lonelyplanet - Iran (also in English guide book 6th edtion 2012 - page 73):
Tow excellent source of information on all things Damavand:
Damavand Info and Mount Damavand Guide.

Mount Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
Downhill adventure ski expedition tour operator. Mountain and Ski Federation of Iran. Tehran Alpine skitouring on mild slopes. Experienced Iranian ski and mountain guides. Useful link Damavand Forum. Damavand Free Style Skitour and Iran Wild Skitouring 2015. Free Style Skiing and Snowboarding Tours. Alborz Mountains winter sport activities. Skitour to Iran Ski Resorts. Cross country skiing Dizin to Shemshak. Damavand Tehran. Damawand Ski Mountaineering, Wild Skitouring, Alpine Style Skitour Iran, Winter Sport, iranskitours, Alborz Ski Resorts.Persian cultural and historical tour. Outdoor trekking and Silk road tour. Shiraz Perspolis travel tour. Visit natural attractions of Persia. Tehran sightseeing and daily trips. Ski and snowboard tour organizer.

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Shirpala Camp Photo Gallery by Ardeshir Soltani

(Lions Den)
( Shirpala Camp alternate spelling Shirpalla , Shir Pala )
Jafar Sepehri
University of Applied Science and Technology
Shirpala is the name of a famous shelter in Alborz chain Mountain in the north part of Tehran. In the way to its summit, Tochal, you can see this shelter. Tochal has snowcap in most of the year.
In 1960, the Iranian Mountain Climbing Federation with the help of Boy Scout Association made this complicated multi-task shelter located in the height of 2750 meters. It has different facilities such as restaurants, snack bars and cubicles.
From Darband square there are two access roads to Shirpala, Passghale village (it means the way to a castle from behind the castle) and Abshar doghloo (it means a twin waterfall). The waterfall starts 50 meters below the shelter and it is so beautiful especially during the spring.

Shirpala Camp Photo Gallery by Jafar Sepehri

Passghale is the main route to many shelters, Tochal, Shirpala, Osun, Shervin and SpidKamar, all located in the mountains of north of Tehran. Different types of delicious breads are made in Passghale, especially the one which has milk, saffron, honey, dates, walnut and coconut mixed in its dough, and sesame seeds on its top.
The village has 3000 years history. During the excavations, there were found clay pots, coins, ornaments, jewels and many ancient memorials. Native people named the place ShahMiran castle.
Nowadays you can see ancient tombs there which their ages go back before Islam, which might belong to the Mithraism era. There was also a sculpture from Parthian (Ashkanian) dynasty. In the Second World War, Russian army occupied and destroyed the castle and the sculpture, and moved everything they found to Russia. About forty years ago the remaining part of the castle is replaced by a telesiage.
In ancient Iranian myth, Shirpalla and Passghale were places of the lord KeyGhobad (king Kovat). He became the emperor of Iran, king of the kings with the help of Rostam (the greatest Iranian hero).
Before Islam this area belonged to Mehran tribe which was one of the seventh most important families in the ancient Iran.
My special thanks to Mr Jafar Sepehri

(دژ کيقباد)

جعفر سپهری
هیات‌علمی دانشگاه‌جامع علمی‌کاربردی
و مدرس دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی ایران

زبر کوه بودش کمینگاه شیر ----- پلا را بيافزوده مرد دلير
پلا را ز گوینده پهلوان ---- ---- کمینگاه شیران بسیار دان

شیرپلا نام یک پناهگاه کوهستانی در البرز مرکزی و شمال تهران است. این پناهگاه در سال 1339 و در ارتفاع 2750 متری از سطح دریا، و در راه اصلی قله توچال، ساخته شده است. این پناهگاه دارای امکاناتی همچون خوابگاه با ظرفیت 150 نفر ، لوله‌کشی آب، سرویس بهداشتی، برق، ، ناهارخوری و بوفه است. مسیرهای دستیابی به آن از سربند، روستای پس‌قلعه و آبشاردوقلو می‌گذرد. نیمه دوم راه توسط کابل، نرده، پله‌های فلزی و نردبان ایمن گشته است. مدت زمان صعود به آن بر حسب حرکت میانگین، در تابستان سه ساعت و از شیرپلا تا قله توچال معمولاً چهار ساعت راه است و جان‌پناه سنگ‌سیاه (امیری) در نیمه‌های راه قرار دارد.
آبشاردوقلو در ارتفاع ۲۷۰۰ متری از سطح دریا، از ذوب برف‌های رشته کوه البرز شکل می‌گیرد که در زیر پناهگاه شیرپلا در مسیر کوهستانی توچال قرار دارد. نام آن به دلیل دو شاخه شدن آبشار هنگام ریزش از ارتفاع است‌. ارتفاع تقریبی این آبشار، ۲۰ متر است‌. در سرمای زمستان که این آبشار یخ می‌زند، منظره‌ای چشم‌نواز و بی‌مانند به وجود می‌آورد که جز با دیدن، درک این همه زیبایی ممکن نیست. کمی بالاتر از آن و نزدیک به شیرپلا، آبشار پسنگ قرار دارد.
این مسیر در چهار فصل بسیار زیباست. تازه برگ‌های بهاری، خنکای تابستانی، رنگ‌های گوناگون پاییزی و برف سپید و یکدست زمستانی آن هرکدام بیش از دیگری روح‌نواز، دل‌انگیز و چشم‌گیر است. دهكده باستانی پس‌قلعه، با پيشينه‌ای بس کهن، در انتهاي منطقه ييلاقي سربند و دربند در دو كيلومتري شميران قرار گرفته است . اين دهكده، از سمت شرق به كوه‌هاي امامزاده قاسم (ع) ، و از غرب به كوه‌هاي دركه ، از سمت شمال به قله توچال و از جنوب به سربند و دربند محدود می‌شود. روستای کوهستانی پس‌قلعه مسیر اصلی پناه‌گاه‌ها، جان‌پناه‌ها، و دیدنی‌های کوهستان شمال تهران مانند شیرپلا، توچال، اسپیدکمر، شروین، اسون، آبشارسوتک و ... است که هرکدام گفتار جداگانه خود را می‌طلبند.‌ پیشینه اين دهكده زیبا به پيش از دوران اسلامی مي‌رسد. نشانه‌هاي برجای مانده از تمدن كهن ایرانی در پیرامون دهكده گواه روشن بر اين ادعا است. سفالینه‌های یافت شده در حفاری‌ها، آرامگاه‌های باستانی پیش از اسلام در انتهاي آبادي به طرف بند يخچال در كنار چنار قديمي، آثار تا چندی پیش باقي مانده در مكان کنونی تله‌سي‌يژ از محل شاه‌نشين قصر شاه‌ميران، از پادشاهان ايرانی پس از اسلام، و نام‌ها و پسوندهایی مانند شيرزادخان، شيردره‌اي، دیزگران، داراب و … كه بر اماكن پیرامون دهكده نهاده شده است تاريخ باستاني اين روستا را به ژرفای تاریخ کهن ایران‌زمین و دوران اساطیری مي‌رساند .
به گفته اهالي دهكده ، در ارتفاعات كوه پس‌قلعه سنگ، مکان کنونی ايستگاه تله‌سیژ، کتیبه‌اي وجود داشته بوده كه روس‌ها در زمان جنگ جهاني دوم متن آن را كه به زبان پهلوی اشکانی بوده ترجمه كردند سپس بخش‌هایی از آن را که سالم مانده بود با خود بردند. همچنین ایشان از وحشی‌گری روس‌ها نسبت به اهالی بی‌دفاع و همچنین ویران نمودن بازمانده‌های دژ پس‌قلعه جهت دستیابی به گنجینه‌ای افسانه‌ای، روایت‌های زیادی در سینه دارند. ريش سفيدان دهكده مي‌گويند : كيقباد نخستین پادشاه کیانی كه رستم ، جهان پهلوان بزرگ ايران تاج سلطنتي را بر سر او گذاشت و او را پادشاه ايران خواند در بند‌شاه‌نشين پس‌قلعه مي‌زيسته است.

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